Sunday, November 19, 2006

Finally, some Halloween pics!

Oh my! I was ill on Friday. I felt fine when I got home from work and looking forward to my hair appointment that afternoon. I woke up at noon and had a horrible stomachache! It wasn't long after that I was vomiting and that continued the rest of the afternoon and had to cancel my hair appointment! I was feeling better by Saturday morning but I have been sleeping the majority of the weekend. Glad that I am feeling better! I had to leave a message with my hairdresser so I am going to try to get ahold of her again on Monday to make a new appointment. :-)

I have a funny geeksquad story to tell. They called me last Wednesday and told me that my 1GB of RAM that I had put in my old laptop was in but it wouldn't work in my new laptop. He told me to bring my new laptop in and they would replace it with one that would work in my laptop. When I got there, I found out that my laptop wouldn't have been considered a lemon because it was my 1 GB of RAM that went out in my old laptop!!! But since I had already gotten a new laptop, that I could keep what I had. :-) I am soo glad that I went in for a loaner laptop! I never pressured anyone to make my old laptop a lemon, it just happened. So far my new laptop has been doing good! I just hope it continues!

I have been busy with school and work and just haven't taken time to blog. I have some pics of Halloween to post! I just hope it works. The last few times I have tried to post pics, it wouldn't work. These are pictures of my nieces and one of their cousins. Shilo is a Christmas present, Jasmine is a princess and Sidney was an 80's drama queen! They were all so cute!

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kate loving shenk said...

your nieces are beautiful!!

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