Thursday, November 02, 2006

To early to be up!

Last night when I got home from doing a little shopping, I thought that I would start getting some boxes packed up in my car to take to recycling. I guess since I only slept about 5 hours, I was feeling quite tired! I was relaxing a little trying to catch up with Days of our Lives and at about 2300, I thought I would lay down in my warm bed and read a magazine. I ended up falling asleep and woke up about 0400 - still had my contacts in. I got up to take them out. I hate it when I fall asleep in my contacts because they get stuck to my eyeball and I have to keep putting rewetting drops in my eye to get them out. When I got back to bed, I kept thinking about things I wanted to get done and couldn't get back to sleep!

I have been trying to upload the Sims2 Pets onto my laptop but for some reason it is freezing up before it finishes. Ohhhh, computers . . . . . I hope to get a little bit of sleep before the alarm goes off.

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