Monday, October 30, 2006

Vacation time!!!!

I am sooo excited to be on vacation for 12 days!!!! I have some fun things planned, and also things that aren't so fun but need to be done! My time has been so limited with work and school that I haven't been able to keep up with housework and I need to work on my yard too. I am really excited about the scrapbooking event with my sister too!!!!! :-)

I was having some issues with blogger on Saturday. I made two entries and I finally got them to post today. I kept getting an "There are errors" message and it would tell me the error but it just jibberish to me. I am glad that I am able to post to my blog again!

I got off from work approx. about 0730 this morning and needed to get in bed as I had to be in class by 1600. I finally went to bed about 0930 and maybe got 3-4 hours of sleep. I didn't sleep very good because I was afraid that I was going to sleep through my alarm! I have done this several times before when I am tired enough and I felt that way today. I was nodding my head in class quite a bit and then my instructor had us start reading "The Old Man and the Sea" in class today. Reading when I am that tired isn't good! I wasn't comprehending what I was reading and I kept nodding off! Then I wasn't sure where I left off. I somehow got the first 28 pages read like he asked us to do but I wasn't able to recall very much! I need to start reading from the beginning! I hope to get started on that on Wednesday and maybe even have time to read it a second time as we are having a quiz on the reading next week. At least that is my only assignment in English this week.

Tonight I checked Blackboard and their was a message from my Transcultural Nursing instructor on when things are due. I have to have my annotated bibliography and discussion 4 done by Wednesday and the journal is due next week!!! I was happy to see this. I can start on the journal Wednesday and not cram so much in! :-) I also have to do a reassessment of cultural awareness which is due next week. Phew! I am so glad!

I haven't been to productive tonight with the homework thing. I am at a small table and can't spread out which seems to slow me down. I am hoping to be able to get good rest tonight and get everything done before I am meeting my sister to go celebrate Halloween! I will have to bring my camera and make sure the batteries are ready to go! I actually don't know what my nieces are going as so I am excited to see the little cuties! I had better get busy so I can do some much needed relaxing tomorrow!

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