Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lazy day

I have been sleeping like crazy. I think part of it is the muscle relaxers - which so far I have only taken one! I guess with me being tired from working nights and taking the muscle relaxer, I have been sleeping! After I took my shower today, I was feeling tired and cold so I curled up in my bed for a while and slept from 2pm to 6pm!!! I am still tired and could sleep some more! I feel like my back is feeling better, still sore though.

I had plans to go scrapbook shopping today at a couple of stores since I have a cingular gift card. I guess depending on how I feel tomorrow, I might do that before work! I still need to finish organizing my scrap room but school has interfered with me finishing that.

The weather here has turned a little bit to cool for me. I woke up this morning and my house was 63 degrees! I hate this time of year and refuse to turn on the heat this early! I hate those heating bills! I also need to change my filter before I turn on the heat. I wish I could head south for the winter!

I haven't heard anything from Best Buy yet regarding my laptop. I am wondering what is going on. It has only been one week but I am anxious! My old laptop is heavy and I like my new one as it is light weight and easier to tote around. I also would just rather have a new one and hope that they consider it a lemon. I was told that they were going to do "hardcore" testing on it so I am unsure what that means. I am just am anxious to hear some news!

I suppose I should get back to my researching for my English class. :-)

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