Sunday, October 22, 2006

Relaxing evening

I slept the most of the day and got up and decided to hang out at Barnes & Noble and sit in the cafe. I ended up floating last night but was lucky to get to float to our sister unit as they have patients very similar to what my floor has. I made the 3rd nurse and we all had 8/9 patients. It started out okay and then admitting started calling and I think we all ended with 9 patients by morning! Phew! I was glad to give report and go home. :-)

While I was at Barnes & Noble tonight, I went on a hunt for the Creating Keepsakes special edition "Hall of Fame" without any luck. According to Creating Keepsakes website, it was release on September 26 but I can't find it any where. I asked the information desk regarding this and they took my name and number and someone that works tomorrow might be able to let me know if they will have it soon or not. I did pick up the newly formatted Memory Makers magazine. I have always wanted to do genealogy and there are all kinds of website listed to help so I had to get it! I am not sure what I think of the new format yet. I will have to sit down and look at it in more depth.

I have all kinds of homework to do this weekend. I have four days off from work and I am hoping to get caught up and maybe work ahead in my classes so I can relax on my vacation instead of doing homework! I need to get ahold of a friend of mine as I have to interview someone of another culture and time is running out. I hope that I can sleep tonight so I can spend most of the day working on my paper and getting this assessment thing done.

I am actually watching a movie "Tuck Everlasting" tonight. I am ready to send the dvd's back to netflix to get more! I love netflix! I don't feel rushed to have to watch a movie and love that fact that there aren't any late fees!

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Colleen said...

Just saw the Hall of Fame mag. at Memories (in Cali.) if that helps!