Monday, October 23, 2006

Stressful week ahead

My friend did call me tonight at 2145 to let me know that he wasn't going to be able to email me but would like to do the cultural interview over the phone. I have to give him credit that he did at least call and didn't blow me off. So I had told him that I had already interviewed someone else but was interested in what he had to say. He said he would be happy to answer the questions that I had. I now have a comparisions of two cultures!

Tonight I realized how much I have to get done in one week! Way to much!!!!!!
1. I have to type up and attach nursing dx to my cultural assessments by tomorrow!!!
2. I have a research review paper due in English II next Monday.
3. I have to write a weekly journal for my Transcultural Nursing class.
4. I have to find 10 journal articles on a particular culture of my choice and write a short paragraph about each by next Tuesday! (Forgot about this till tonight!)
5. I have to work on my discussion question on blackboard - Due Wednesday morning.
6. Then Wednesday, I get a new discussion board question that will be due by next Wednesday.
7. I have a short novel to read, "The Old Man and the Sea" by Nov. 6 and haven't had time to even think about reading. At least it is kinda short, 127 pages to be exact!

The bad thing about all this is I work 12 hour shifts Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I have to get all this done Tomorrow and squeeze what I can in before work on Wed., after waking up on Friday and before work on Saturday. WOW!!!!! When Monday comes, I will be sooooo ready for my vacation!

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