Monday, October 16, 2006

Rainy, cold day

I really hate this cold and rainy weather! I would have preferred to stayed in bed with my cats today. I ended up sleeping through my alarm since I went to be at 5 am and was planning to get up around 10 am. I just happened to wake up at 12:50pm! All I had time to do was type up my works cited page and head to school. I was hoping to get all my homework for my other class done before my English class tonight so I could go home and relax. I am sure that I needed that extra few hours of sleep!

I got my movie review back today and I got another "B"!! I am excited! Today in class he kept talking about our paper of researching the professional movie reviews and I have a feeling it will be a little challenging. I am not very good at quoting things. I think did it correct but there is always something that I didn't do. He wrote all the places in our handbook that will help us. I have a stupid schedule the next two weeks so I am going to have to get busy on this ASAP!!!!

I am at the Mudhouse getting some studying done. The table in front of me is for two people and there is 8!!!! Okay, now there is 9. It is a little distracting to me. It was nice and quiet when I first got here. Oh, well. I am getting things accomplished tonight.

I don't like my work schedule this week as I work one day, off one, then work two. One day off isn't enough when you end up sleeping it away! *Sigh*

I can't wait till my vacation and also the scrapbooking event! :-) I am looking forward to making kits for the scrapbooking event! I should have time if I can cram just a day of so of studying and then a day or so of gathering scrap stuff! :-) I have a few idea books that I would love to use to inspire me! :-)

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