Saturday, October 28, 2006

Getting closer . . . .

to getting things accomplished! I have been working on my research review for my English II class this morning and decided to move it to the Mudhouse when they opened. I tend to be more productive when I am away from home. I am hoping that I will be able to get this finished in a few hours and then go back home to catch a nap before having to be at work tonight. I really would like my paper done before Monday so when I get off from work, all I have to do is get some rest and then get up early to go to class. That would be wonderful! :-)

Since I work the night shift tonight and the time is changing, I have to work an extra hour tonight. This could be a a bad thing since I haven't sleept like I have been lately. I am going to bring my homework and work on it on my breaks. I normally don't take my 2, 15 minute breaks but I might this weekend as it will help me accomplish my goal of getting the rest of my homework done by Tuesday afternoon.

I got an email from my instructor for my other class that I start in a little over a week. She was letting us all know that we can access the class on blackboard and to read everything over. She wrote, "This is going to be a fast paced course and we are going to hit the ground running." Ohhhh, can we please walk? :-) I haven't taken the time to look at the syllabus yet as I want to concentrate on my paper before it gets cluttered with other things I will need to get done in the future. I will peak at it on Monday as I do need to start the search for cheapest text books for the class!

I decided this week that I am taking a short break from the message boards that I read. I am doing this as I am a little busy with work and school. I don't feel like I am taking the time to really read everyones post and I rush through it. I hope to start back up next week when I am on vacation.

I am excited for my vacation that starts Monday morning! I have a list of things I would like to accomplish. I am looking forward to Halloween night and to go with my sister and nieces to a harvest party at a local church. I am also going to take some much needed time to organize my house and scrapbook stuff. I think I am going to start packing my tote next week for my scrapbooking crop that is in two weeks! That way if my new class requires to much time that week, I will at least be ready to scrapbook!

I really enjoy coming to the Mudhouse early in the morning. It is quieter and not so many people. There are a lot of people here reading the morning paper or just sitting enjoying their morning. :-) More later.

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