Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Crazy Mudhouse night

I woke up this evening and went to the Mudhouse to work on my "to do" list for my classes. I decided I would get soup if they had good selections. The board said the soup was mushroom bisque which is my new favorite! I ordered a small bowl but when I got it, they had given me something with corn and potatoes. I told them that wasn't what I had ordered and they erased the wrong soup off the board so I had ended up with corn chowder. *sigh* They actually gave me my money back for the soup since that was there mistake. I am just not a chowder kind of a gal.

Then, I am also having a hard time staying connected to the internet at the Mudhouse tonight. I finally connected to the cities free internet but it is so slow and I have a low connection. I don't understand why the wireless at the Mudhouse keeps going out. It is very frustrating when you need to get school work done and it happens to be online. So I have been using copy and paste features into Microsoft Word of the stuff that I need to do and then I can later copy and paste it into blackboard when I can be connected to my own internet at home.

I don't feel like I am getting much accomplished tonight. I am also sitting at a table with no light and it makes reading a little difficult. If I position just right I can get the light of the table behind me! :-)

My laptop that I just got back from the geek squad has been much cooler since they also replaced the fan/cooling system. I wonder if the cooling system wasn't working properly and the heat was burning something on the motherboard. It would get pretty hot on the keyboard and now it doesn't It has also been quieter and not as loud as the previous cooling system. Maybe I am done with the geeksquad! I can hope.

It is time for me to depart the Mudhouse and there crazy internet connections! I just can't concentrate unless I can get on the internet. Strange but true. :-) My napster music keeps buffering with the slow connection and will only play a few seconds and then it is buffering again. This is about as bad as dial up! Later . . . . . .

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