Sunday, October 08, 2006

Feeling iky . . . .

Last week I woke up one day with a sore throat and then I started having achy muscles. Finally, my sore throat and achy muscles are better but I still feel tired and I have developed a stuffy nose. I ended up sleeping till 4pm today and my mom called me to ask how I was doing and if I got my paper written. I haven't gotten my paper written put I am going to do that next. I finally got my printer loaded onto my old laptop so I am now ready to be able to get my work done for both of my classes! I hope that Best Buy calls me this week to tell me that my new laptop has been considered a lemon and you can pick up your vocher to pick up a new laptop! :-) We will see!

I am going to watch "Born into Brothels" again and write my movie review! I think this is a fun assignment! I just hope that he doesn't tear it apart! :-)

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