Sunday, October 15, 2006

Feeling better :-)

I am finally feeling better! My rib pain is feeling better and I am so glad! It still hurts but nothing like it was. Work it is kinda hard for it not to bother me a little bit with the lifting and pulling on patients that I have to do. I have been drinking lots of hot tea to help soothe my throat and it is getting better. I just hope that after I finish my prednisone dose pack that I don't get sick again! The last time I was on a dose pack, I ended up with a bad sinus infection! Working in the hospital isn't the best place! :-)

I also got my laptop back and they didn't consider it a lemon. I was a little upset about this since I have had such bad luck with this computer! The next time I will get a new computer! They replaced the motherboard for the third time and replaced the fan system. They didn't restore my computer so I had all my information still there!!! I am so glad! I have transferred my school files to my flash drive and need to back up my pictures and such and start doing this on a more regular basis so when this does happen again, it won't be as bad.

I am working on my English II homework tonight which is fairly easy. I just need to make a works cited page on my professional movie reviews that I found. I also need to be working on my transcultural nursing class too. The internet has been flickering tonight at the Mudhouse but I think that it is finally fixed. :-)

I am soo ready for my next vacation which will be in two weeks! :-) I am hoping to be able to get my house a little more organzied and then make a day trip to Branson. I just hope I don't have some big assignment that is due during that time. I need to check my syllabus and see what I can do ahead of time just in case!

I will also be going to scrap camp at my sister's church with her in November! I can't wait! I haven't had the opportunity to use my big cropper hopper organizer so I need to start planning my layouts and pictures now so I will have lots to work on!

I have included a cute picture of Felix when I was cutting ribbon for the ribbon swap I am in! I finally gave him his own ribbon and then he took a nap with his ribbon! To cute!

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