Monday, October 02, 2006

There are too many rules . . . . .

in English and writing! I got my second paper back tonight and thought I had done better. I used my first paper and then made all of those corrections - so I thought! I keep having problems with writing in present tense. I have to work on this! The next paper I am writing is a movie review which I think will be an easy paper but then again . . . . . . .

The movie that I am going to review is "Born into Brothels." I had never heard of this movie before till I was reading elsie's blog one day and she made a comment regarding this movie. I was curious and have fallen in love with this movie. Tonight I have found Zana Briski's website! To cool! I need to take a class in photography!

I found out on Friday that I have a dislocated rib! I really think I have had this for at least 2 years, if not maybe longer. I have occasional pain near my shoulder blade and I have been told it is from to much computer use. If I happen to be on the computer to long, it does make the pain worse. That made sense to me because I do computer charting at work and I am also on the computer more since going back to school. I happened to go to the mall last Friday and there was a home show and a chiropractor had a booth in it. I was telling him about this pain and he had felt up and down my spine and told me that I had a rib out of place!!!! He said that is easy to fix so I made an appointment for this week. I am scared about going as I am unsure what they do to put a rib back into place. I also need to see what my insurance will pay too. If my insurance won't cover this then I will just make an appointment with my doctor to see what to do.

After class today, I decided that I need to just hang out at the Mudhouse for awhile before going back home. I have all kinds of fun things to be watching on my DVR at home and hope to view one or two programs I have saved tonight. I have gotten caught up in the Amazing Race 10 and Survivor. I also have almost a weeks worth of Days of Our Lives that I would like to watch. I saw a preview today of things to come and realized alot has happened this week! I also think that Sean is a different actor. I also have Grey's Anatomy which I have never watched before but would like to start watching. I also have ER to watch! I don't have the time for this but I look forward to being able to watch them!

Tomorrow night I start my new class, "Transcultural Nursing". I just hope that it isn't going to be too much work but I have a feeling it is! This is a 5 week class that they normally taught in 16 weeks. I was told by my advisor that it will still cover everything they did in 16 weeks but in 5 weeks! I will find out tomorrow night what kind of a mess I have gotten myself in! :-)

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