Saturday, December 02, 2006

Too much snow . . .

and not enough snow shovels in Springfield, MO!!!! I almost bought a snow shovel before the snow storm but thought it might not snow like they said. Well, I should have bought it! I now can't find one because they are sold out! I just hope that it warms up soon and melts the snow off my driveway as it is causing me to get stuck . . .

I think I am going to have to take some pictures of some of the snow around town. I will have to remember to put my camera in my coat pocket and hopefully I will be able to get some fun pictures!

I ended up having to work when the storm was hitting and I always hate that! I seem to have to drive in the worst of it before they have time to clear off the roads. I made it to and from work safely. On Friday morning, it had snowed more during the night and when I got home I got stuck in my driveway. I was wishing that I had bought that snow shovel a few days ago at that point. Someone that was driving by stopped and helped me get unstuck. I am glad that she came along as I was unsure how to get my car unstuck! :-)

Tonight when I was at Wal-mart, I almost fell in the parking lot but I was able to catch my step and not fall. A couple of ladies that was walking by told me that I would be good at surfing! It made me laugh and then I wished I was at a place that I could surf as it would be warmer!

Anyway, I had better get to bed - but I have to play the Sims2 first! :-)

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Angelbev said...

I love this pic!! It is so great with the bikes being covered with snow.