Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kinda freaky . . . .

After class today I went to Barnes & Noble to get me some of that Passion Fruit Tea! YUM!!!! I decided not to hang out like I like and left. As I was leaving, a guy opened the door for me and then all of a sudden said, "You cut your hair!!!!!" I wasn't sure who this guy was so I asked him how I knew him. He told me that he had seen me before in the cafe and remembered me having hair all the way down my back and now you don't. I found that kinda freaky that he had noticed me and remembered my hair. I am sure that I will remember him now but that caught me off guard.

Tonight I had my English class and I got my researched movie review back and I was happy with my grade. I am ready for this class to be over as writing papers isn't my strong point but I do feel like I have improved. I have a paper due on Monday plus in class we are to write an essay for our final on Monday. He has told us what the paper is going to be about so we can get our notes together and then write it in class. I have ended up getting behind in getting my paper written because the day I was going to go to the library was when we had all this snow and then the library isn't open on the weekend. I was able to talk to the teacher a little more about the assignment and he helped me with some points of the books he has on reserve in the library so it will all work out! After my final on Monday, I will be able to wrap up my online class and hopefully enjoy the vacation that I will start on Monday! I am so looking forward to that!

I still haven't gotten my tree up! I thought I would this weekend but I was tired! I need to get the Christmas decorations and my tree out of the attic so that when they come to install more insulation, it will be out of the way. I will then also have to make more room in the smaller part of my attic to store these items. That might be a little bit of a job! :-)

I feel like I need to get some sleep and then wake up early afternoon to start organizing my paper, finish an assignment that is due, and work on the study guide that is for my online class. Yeah! I am ready for a break and it is soo close! :-)

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