Sunday, December 03, 2006

The end of the semester is soon!

I can't wait till the end of the semester as I am tired of writing papers! I have been sitting here at the Mudhouse trying to get some homework done. I have done some research, saved it in a word document and also started my journal. I should have started my journal a lot sooner and realized today that it is due in one week so if I do one entry a day, then I will have it done before the due date.

I was really hoping to get a head start on a research paper that is due in one week this weekend. The snow ruined my plans on that as I had planned to go to the library at school to make copies of this book our teacher as on reserve. Since the weather got bad, I decided the less driving I do the better. Of course, the library doesn't reopen till Monday so I will be there for class that day. I have too much to do in one week!

I am contemplating on what to do the rest of the day. I would really like to have some passion fruit tea from the Barnes & Noble cafe. I have really gotten addicted to that tea! So good! I am wondering if I should go to Lowe's to see if they have a snow shovel but wondering if they will have any. I also need to work on more homework so I can concentrate on this paper this week. Only two more papers left! :-)

I did bring my camera with me today but haven't taken any pictures yet. The parking downtown is difficult, esp. since the majority is parallel parking! The parking areas are packed with snow.

I do believe that I will make a list of what I need to accomplish this week and make me a schedule. I still haven't gotten my Christmas tree up yet. It just might be next week unless I somehow find time tonight to do this. I had better get going . . .

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