Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thoughts of the day . . .

Ever since I woke up, now yesterday morning, I have had adventures on my mind. I am not sure what really made me think of adventures but it was when I was making breakfast.

One thing that might be making me think of adventures is the fact that I am overdue for a vacation. I was really hoping to go to St. Lucia this year to go hiking and biking in the rainforest but decided I really needed to use this money for other things. I am sure I will take that vacation in the future.

I have had thoughts of going on a mini vacation to see the ocean again . . . . . . I truly love the ocean and wish I didn't live so far from the ocean. I asked my parents once why they decided to stay in this area as there doesn't seem to be much here and definitely not the ocean!

Today when I was sitting in the Mudhouse, a HOT guy sat down at the table in front of me and he was filling out an application for a passport. The only reason I knew that was what he was doing is because I have an application for a passport! I haven't taken the time to fill it out and get pictures taken. I need to fill mine out and get my passport so I will be free to leave the country whenever I feel!

Tonight I was at my sisters and one of my nieces is selling things for a fundraiser for school so I ordered two magazines - at a dirt cheap price! They are Travel + Leisure & Coastal Living! I am going to use them to dream! I really hope that someday I can have a beach house to go to whenever I want! After I get my MSN and make the big bucks, maybe I can make that happen! That is if my MSN degree is a better pay raise then getting my BSN!!! :-)

Anyway, I need to get to bed.

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