Sunday, September 10, 2006

Paper blues

I have a paper due tomorrow in my English class and can't seem to get started! It is a comparison paper on the two literature readings I had to do. He tells us to write in present tense like the stories happened now. When I think of my paper of what I might write, I don't feel like it is in present tense. Sooooo . . . . . . . I am scared of this and hope that I do end up with a good grade. English has never been a strong subject of mine and hope that I can survive this class!

I am sitting in the Mudhouse and there are a ton of people here. That doesn't help my need to concentrate! I am going to do the best that I can! Trying to drown all the noise out with my Napster music!

On a fun note . . . . . . I am excited about my family reunion next weekend! It is also my companies employee picnic and cider apple days on Walnut Street. I am going to have big fun next weekend! My mom told me that my uncle that lives in Arizona is going to be there! I have to remember to bring my camera! I would love to do a family history album. Last year there wasn't that many people that normally come so I wasn't able to get good pictures. I actually don't think I took any!

I had better get busy! I am including the 2 page LO I did for the dog swim! I wanted the paper to show through but there was so many pictures that I wasn't able to make that happen. It is still fun and I felt those pictures needed to be together! :-)

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