Sunday, September 17, 2006

Busy, but fun weekend

I took this weekend off for work so I could attend my family reunion on Sunday. Also this weekend is Cider Days and my employee picnic. On Saturday, my sister and I took my nieces and one of there cousins to go to the picnic. They have lots of stuff for kids to do so they had a blast! I even got sunburned! I didn't even realize it till later that evening when I got home. I have a funny "U" shaped sunburn on my chest from my neckline and then my forehead, checks and nose got it. I got a tan on my arms and legs though. I even have a tan where my flip flops where! He He!!!

I was planning to go to Cider days that afternoon but ended up spending the rest of the day with my sister. She had gotten a new computer a few weeks ago but didn't load spyware and virus protection and of course it is infected now! She had bought a service plan so I went to Best Buy with her. I have gotten to know the geek squad quite well because of my compuer malfunctions this year! They tried to tell her that it was going to be $260 if she had her data backed up or $160 to have the security issues taken care of. Well, we finally got it down to $30 + the software which I am going to help her install when she gets it back. It is crazy all the stuff they try to sell you that you can very easily do yourself!

I was looking forward to waking up early on Sunday and going to Cider Days but I woke up with it sooo dark outside! I was wondering if I set my alarm wrong since it was so dark but I hadn't. I went ahead and got in the shower and when I got out, it was boring down rain and thundering! I kept thinking it wouldn't last long but it has rained all day!

I bummed around till it was time to go to the family reunion which I was surprised of the turn out since it was outdoors and it was raining. We were under the pavilion so we did stay dry! It was a good time and I got to see relatives from Arizona that come into town! I can't seem to remember everybodies name since I see alot of my family members only at the reunion once a year! I am getting better at it though. I am going to have to ask my mom for copies of the pictures she took. I took some but I think she got more than me!

I decided to try to go to Cider Days after my family reunion but it was pretty much packed up. missed it! Bummer! I don't blame the people with booths shutting down since it would ruin there art! Oh, well. I will try to get there next year!

I am trying to get some of these short stories read for my class tomorrow but I am so tired that I am going to have to go home and take a nap! :-) It is hard trying to be on a normal schedule with my body thinking it is supposed to sleep during the day!

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