Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Scrapping thoughts

This blog challenge is all about scrapping with others. :-)

What is your most fave part about scrapping with a group of others?

I have only been to 2 crops and one scrappy weekend getaway with my scrapjammie friends! I enjoy scrapping with other people. It is fun to see the creations of others and to meet new people that enjoy the same thing you do. I don't always get that much done but it is always a fun time! I have only been to one crop at my LSS and really liked the fact that I was able to shop for what I needed for a layouts that I didn't need. I really need to make a habit of going to more crops! In November there is another crop at my sister's church that we are hoping to make it too!

What is your least fave part?

I don't always get the journaling done as I like to do that on my computer. I have homework when I do get home and sometimes it will take me awhile to get things done at home. The packing for a crop can be tedious. I do have a tote now so I am excited to pack for a crop to see how it goes! :-)

Today before class I was browsing through various galleries to get ideas on how to organize my scraproom. I found this peas scraproom and I believe this would be a good solution to my scraproom! I went to Target after class and hunted everywhere for these and even asked for help and they told me that since they remodeled, they didn't carry everything they had in the past. So I was disappointed. I decided to go see the scrap isle to see what was there. At the end of one of the isle was the cubes! There isn't as much as there used to be but I am excited! I decided to measure first and decide how I was going to organize them before buying any. WOOHOO!!!!!! I can't wait till I have some organization in my scraproom! It is really hindering my scrap time. :-)

I had class tonight and all during class I was excited about going shopping for ribbon for a ribbon swap I am in! I think that was what got me through this class. I find my English class kinda boring and I am feeling a little overwhelmed since I am out of touch of all the rules that go along with writing! I got my short stories both read and I learned that I didn't "read" that much into the stories like others in my class did. I found it interesting the things that they were thinking of the stories and how these things came about in the story. I also got my index card today of things that I need to look up to help me refresh my memory of things I have forgotten. I have to write a comparison on the two short stories I read and even wrote some ideas down during class on how to do this. I hope it won't be that hard once I get started!

I am going to do some creating before going to bed! :-)


BonnieRose said...

thks for doing the challenge.. I feel the same way, packing can be such a pain!

melissa said...

thanks for linking my scraproom cubes ;) glad you were able to get your hands on some too. I love them