Thursday, August 17, 2006

Crazy allergies!

I slept most of the day yesterday and when I often when I get up and I don't have to work will go hang out at a coffee shop and read or whatever. Last night I decided to go to Barnes & Noble and do little reading in the cafe. Later when I was heading back to the front of the store, I happened to run into someone I used to see when I worked out with my personal trainer! I have often wondered about him and was happy to see him. We did a little catching up with each other. :-)

I finally got done with the Desperate Housewives CJ that I had been trying to figure out what to do with. I will post that layout here! I still haven't gotten my scrap room organized but the rest of my house is getting a little more organized. I am happy about that and hope to be able to work on getting everything else orgainized! I do start school back up on Monday so I hope that I will be able to still fit in some scrapping time. I will only have one class till Oct. so hopefully it won't be too bad!

I am hanging out at a different coffee shop today. I am having allergy issues and I am sure I am annoying people with my sneezing but wanted to get caught up with my blogging! I just wish Barnes & Noble had free wifi. You have to subscribe to there service which is about $20 a month. If I didn't have internet at home then I would be okay with paying that but since I do I just find the free wifi spots when I want to do work outside of being home!

I am going to head to Hobby Lobby and maybe somewhere that will have water shoes so I can go back to Moonshine Beach! :-)

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