Thursday, August 03, 2006

2 peas challenge - self portrait!

I have a recent picture of me and my cat that I had taken but thought it would be fun to take another photo! No cats are included this time. I would like to take more photos of myself for a "Me" book that I would like to make! I got almost two months ago "Self-centered" and also the workbook to go with it to assist you on make a "ME" book. I would also like to get the "ME" book from autumn leaves. I read there blog every so often to see what people have done and love it!!!

I woke up at 3am today since I had been asleep since 1pm the day before! I got up and decided to wash all my sheets and comforter so I am excited to sleep in a clean, organized bed tonight! While I was making my bed this morning around 6am I feel asleep again before getting my bed made! I didn't think I was that tired but I guess I was! I woke back up around 12pm and finally got in the shower to get ready for the day.

I am going to work hard tonight on getting my house clean! I have a friend that will be coming over to pick up something soon and it seems like my house is always messy when he comes over so I want to shock him with a clean house! If I was a stay-at-home-kitty-mom I could keep up with the house cleaning better! :-) To bad one of my cats didn't have a job. Maybe I should try to find one of my cats a modeling job and then I could go PRN at the hospital! I can dream!

I am currently at the Mudhouse and just relaxing! The internet is working here today. I was here last Sunday and they had gotten a new router and they couldn't get it configured so no internet. I am going to catch up on some emails while I am here to.

My plans with my nieces didn't work as they have there half-sister is with them this week. I really hope that next week they can spend the night with me! We need to have some fun aunt time while I am on vacation from work and while we aren't in school! It won't be long that school will be starting back up for all of us!


Sofia said...

Cute picture :-)

Don't you just love getting in bed with fresh, clean sheets? Love the smell of clean laundry.

LOL I wanna be a stay at home kitty mom too!

smkh1117 said...

Great pic! I always love having clean bedding!

Renee said...

Love the self portrait. Also love, love, love a bed with freshly washed sheets.

Holly said...

Hey thanks, I am to the point tho where they are really starting to piss me off... lol, but I am sure you got that from my blog. Yeah, oh well... I will prolly end up staying where I am at anyways. Well nice pic btw... have a good night

BonnieRose said...

love your pic.. you are oh so cute! I have the self addressed and workbook too.. love em both.... so great!

melissa said...

cute picture :) thanks for taking the challenge

good luck on cleaning the whole house..I did that a couple days ago. isn't it such a pain? ;)