Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Elsie's book signing

I was happy that I was able to wake up in enough time before work to attend Elsie's book signing!!! Elsie is such an awesome person and love her work! Her husband T.J. and there dog cocoa was there! I didn't think about bringing my camera but I did have my cell phone with me so I did take some pics but haven't uploaded them to my computer yet.

She had a display of the layouts featured in the book and it was great seeing them in person!!! There are some many dimesions that you miss!!! I can't wait till I can sit down with her book and create!

My scrap room is a mess and my supplies are so disorganized that it is making it difficult for me to scrapbook! I really need to work on this so I can sit down and just get what I need and scrap. Maybe on my vacation which starts in the morning when I get off from work!

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