Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fun, relaxing day

I started my day out yesterday with cleaning. Not to fun and exciting but it needs to be done. I am working on getting my house spotless so when I go back to school I will have a clean house. I am hoping to come up with some plan that will help me keep things clean to make it not such a big job when I do clean! I will work on that next week when I am on vacation. That will be another relaxing day at the Mudhouse! I can get more accomplished there! Such a wonderful atmosphere. Just love it!

Yesterday a friend of mine came over and I was excited for him to walk in my house and see my clean living room. I had forgotten I had the garage door open and he walked in the garage door - the part of the house that wasn't clean yet!!!! Oh, well! I thought we had a nice time together yesterday and I actually found it calming. We just sat around listening to music and chatting. Then we went outside and sat on my back porch for awhile and I tended to my garden. Then he wanted to go for a walk. I live near a park, actually one of the biggest parks with a swimming pool! I have lived at my house for 2 years and have never taken a walk to the park. I am going to have to start doing this more often. I enjoyed our walk and hanging out at the park. I was wearing flip-flops and learned that wasn't a very good choice for walking! Next time I will change shoes. I had wished I had my camera with me so I can practice being a photographer! I will next time I make that adventure!

Later in the evening we were going to go to the artwalk together but he called and was tired and so we decided not to go. I ended up doing a little bit of shopping and got India.Aries new album. Just love her music!!!!!! I went to our newly remodeled Target which has a Starbucks in it!!! I am going to have to go back just to relax in the starbucks there! They also added a Pizza Hut also. I didn't walk through the whole store as my feet still was sore from walking in the flip-flops earlier! I think I will return after I get off work in the morning to see what I can find! I also went to Barnes & Noble for awhile and found Creating Keepsakes new Can-Do Techniques magazine. I can't wait till I can sit down and use some of the ideas in there! I noticed that Barnes & Noble is expanding there magazine selection. I am excited to see if they are going to start carrying more magazines! I love going in there and getting a few magazines and sitting in the cafe! I haven't done that in awhile but I think I will when I wake up Monday!

I should get some more sleep as I do work tonight and I need to be able to wake up early to go a LSS where Elsie is going to be signing her book!!!!! It is from 4pm-6pm so hopefully I can wake up early enough to get my book signed and then head off to work!!!! Then when I get off Monday morning it will be time for vacation! :-)

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ladybug320 said...

Honestly her new CD as posted on your blog helped me get thrumy breakup with my fiance... she a very great singer...