Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring break!!!!!

I finished my last assignment for the week and don't have to do anything school related if I choose till 3/28!!!!! In one more week I will be on vacation from work. I am hoping to work ahead, start my research paper for one of my classes and get the review questions answered for my next test in Pathophysiology. I will find out on Friday how I did on my second Pathophysiology test. I am unsure on how I did and scared to see my results.

I feel relaxed tonight after getting my homework done. I have been pushing myself so hard this week and going on only a few hours of sleep everyday to have time to get my homework/studying done. I was sooo sleepy when I got home from work Wednesday morning!!! I was nodding my head trying to do my charting on the computer that morning! I was glad that report was fast that morning and got to go home and get some sleep!!!

I went to Best Buy today to pick up my back up DVD's from my laptop's hard drive. The guy that was helping me wrote out what files to look for to reopen my favorites link and outlook addresses but I get home and can't get this figured out!!! He told me that if I needed help to bring my computer and the DVD's in and they would help me. He said he finds it confusing! I just want a few things to get me through till my laptop is repaired and then I will want to upload more!!!

I am going to read some of the scrapbooking magazines I bought last week that I haven't had time to read yet! TTFN!!

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