Monday, March 06, 2006


I felt the need to voice my frustrations. I am sitting here in the Mudhouse trying to get my homework done and I am sitting here trying to figure out how I am going to get all this stuff done this week and work!!!! I am sooo ready for this semster to be over!

My pathophysiology class is very interesting but the test in that class is hard! I have a test in one week and haven't had the time to work on my study guide like I have wanted. At least I have started on it but I am not up to the point that we are in class so when she ask us in class if we have any questions from the review questions I listen and write down what other people are asking but I am unable to ask any as I haven't had time to work as far as some of my classmates. I do have a four day weekend and it will be spent trying to finish the study guide by Saturday so I can spend the rest of the weekend studying the questions and reading the book with these questions.

My health assessment class is very interesting and isn't hard information to me at all but it has soo much busy work that are for zero points but if we don't do it then we get points taken away from us. I felt like quite a dork last week when we did meet for class when we did our check off for assessment to head, ears, eyes, nose and throat. My lab partner has had more time to read through the book. I scan over the chapters to get the info I need but I am learning that there are things that I am missing. My lab partner was pointing some things out to me that will help me in writing my lab write-ups. Since we don't have class but once a month, I haven't been able to get with my partner to practice what we were being checked off on. My lab partner did a very good assessment on me and I could tell that she had spent more time than I had. I did pass the assessment but I didn't go through it as smoothly as my partner did. I am hoping that I will be able to work more on this for the next check off. I have been spending more time on my Pathophysiology class as it is harder and I need to study it more. I am unsure how I am going to get all this stuff done for this class and get all my studying done for my test in Pathophysiology test next week. Anyway, I am looking forward to the end of this semester as I will be off from school this summer!!!

Work has been crazy the last week and staffing has been short. I have gotten phone messages to come in to work extra - that doesn't help my study time!! I feel as if I don't have much time to relax and really miss doing just nothing if I like! I wouldn't mind helping out if I didn't have soo much studying and if I adequate sleep.

Anyway, something I find exciting is that my favorite radio station is on the web now!!! I am sitting in the Mudhouse listening to my favorite radio station from the internet!!!! :-) If you would like to listen to my favorite radio station here is the link!!!!!!

I have pictures that I am going to post to my blog from the artwalk - I have awesome pics of my favorite retro store Phorm! I had better get back to my studying!

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