Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bad, Firedog, Bad!!!

One year ago I had a bad experience with Firedog service at Circuit City. I finally got things worked out and got my network to work. Then a few months later, I can't get things to print from my laptop. I can still get things to print from my desktop but for some reason my network isn't recognizing my printer. GGRRR!!! I went into the store a few months ago and they told me that it would be $80 to have them came back into my home to repair this. I decided that with my tax return, that I would get this fixed.

Thursday I go to Circuit City and actually ended up with the manager of computers assisting me. I explained what I needed and he told me that it would be $80 to have them come back into my home but they had a new service that would be good for 6 months for $100. I thought that sounded good as if a few months later my printer does this again, I can just have them come back out. I left the store happy that I am finally going to get this fixed.

I didn't call Firedog till Friday afternoon and this is when I learn that they won't be coming out to my house. The lady told me that it would either over the phone or I would have to take my computer to the store. I can't bring my whole network into the store. She wouldn't set-up in-home service for me. It even said on my receipt that I had purchased 6 months in-home service. I told her I wanted my money back since it wasn't what I needed. She told me I needed to contact the store since I purchased it in the store.

I call the firedog people in the store and they are clueless!!! I told him what has happened up to this point and that I was needing a refund. He told me that they can't do this in the store that you have to call Firedog to get a refund. I tired to explain to him that I already did and I was told to call the store. He put the phone down, didn't put it on hold so I can hear every thing they are saying in regards to my situation. He was trying to get a manager to talk to me but I heard him tell his co-workers that the manager won't come to the phone. WHAT?!?!?! The manager is who I need to authorize this and he won't come to the phone and talk to me???? They pick up the phone and then proceed to tell me that they are going to see what they can do to get me a refund and they will call me back.

By 8pm, I still had no phone call. I went ahead and called the main Firedog line to see what I needed to do. They told me I had to go into the store to get my refund. She told me that when I arrive to the store to have the cashier call Firedog to verify that I never used the service and I should get my money back. Also while talking to her I had explain to her why I wanted a refund so she told me the service that I needed was $40 and it would be online. They would be able to fix my printer and put it back on my network. I thought great!!! Someone that knows what they are talking about. I later found out that she didn't know what she was talking about. I went ahead and purchased this over the phone and would activate it when I returned home.

I arrive at the Circuit City store and gave the cashier my receipt and instructed that she needed to call firedog to verify that I didn't get use the service. She took my receipt and I could tell she didn't know what to do. She went and got somebody else. The lady she went and got remembers me calling earlier and told me that they already refunded my money. I never got a call back saying this was taken care of. They printed me a receipt showing that I was refunded back. GGRR!!! That would have saved me a trip from driving all the way to the other side of town if they would have called me.

I get home and decide to go ahead and activate this online service that I ordered. It won't let me sign in saying my email address is already in the system. I call Firedog again and have to go through why I need the service again!!! She doesn't know what to do about me not being able to sign in. She transfers me to a technician to see if we can fix this. I have to explain again why I am calling and then the technician tells me that the service I was sold wasn't what I needed!!! WHAT?!?!?!? So, she gives me the phone number of the place to call to get yet another refund but they are closed.

I wake up this morning and called the phone number she gave me as it was after hours when I was doing all this last night. I call and go through this whole saga again and she keeps putting me on hold would come back and put me on hold again. Then came back and told me that they are unable to give me a refund that I needed to call their headquarters. I thought that was the number I was given. I was only given the customer service phone number. I am steaming by this point by the run around I have been getting. She transfers me back to firedog as that is where I got my refund started yesterday. I have to call back on Monday when the people that gives refunds are back in the office.

This is the end of my firedog days. I will never use their service again and actually never got to use it this time. I have spent about two days trying to get this mess all smoothed out. I should be able to walk into the store, give the problem I am having, they sell me the proper package and then to have them come out to my home and repair it. I guess I will be researching on my own how to repair my own network.


Musicmom-Amy said...

YIKES!!! Sorry you are having such terrible problems.

Christie said...

I would be so ticked! That's why I don't like place like that. They hire any ol person off the street and try to sell you whatever. They don't know about the products. Kinda like the geeksquad at Best buy. My best friend and dad are computer geeks so I'm lucky. I wish I could send one of them your way to help.