Monday, March 17, 2008

Pug Luv!!!

I am so excited as I found out that the lady that I am getting my pug from had pug puppies born on Friday!!! She had two litters of pug puppies! Yay!! I am planning to get a female pug and name her Phoebe!!! I am so excited about getting a dog! I am just not sure what my cats will think. Eventually, we will all be one big happy family!!! :-)

Today is my first day of vacation from work and I am also on Spring Break. I am excited about spending time with my nieces! I am also going to be writing a couple of research papers and get things lined up for all the others I have to write this semester. I also need to get super busy on my history correspendence course! I also need to get my assignments done for my classes next week. I have so much to do for school and just keep thinking that I will have all kinds of free time after I graduate to do fun things!

I started my vacation with a bang this morning! I had to send a patient to the unit around shift change. It made for a crazy morning. I was glad that I was all caught up with passing meds and my charting up to that point. I was doing my best to get out of on time this morning but I ended up leaving an hour late because I wasn't going to leave the oncoming nurse to transfer a patient to the unit. I stayed till that was complete. I am just glad to have a little break from work.

I am off to try to organize and clean my house a little before I see my nieces tomorrow! I hope that Wednesday is a better weather day for us to enjoy the outdoors. :-)


Christie said...

That picture is so cute.

Musicmom-Amy said...

That is an awesome Darth Pug picture. Have a wonderful vacation. Goodness you sure deserve it!!!

Nicole said...

lmao, that photo is too funny!!!