Thursday, March 20, 2008

A day with auntie!

I had a fun couple of days with my nieces. We went and had pizza at our fave pizza place and then I tried to make it to Sam's before they closed and missed it by 10 minutes. I ended up making a stop at Macy's to try to find new shoes. They didn't have the style I normally like but by this time it was after 2100 so we headed to Barnes & Noble. We sat and looked at books till 2230. Then we made a quick stop for milk and I was asked if we were going to go home! The girls aren't used to staying out late like their aunt is!

I didn't slept very well that night as I woke up with fire-breathing heartburn! That is what I get for eating pizza! By the time it calmed down, it was almost morning. I thought I would wake up with my alarm. The girls never bothered me for breakfast as they normally do so I endedup sleeping till 1130! That is when they started being hungry! I got up and asked them if they wanted breakfast food or if they wanted to have lunch. I think they thought I was crazy! They wanted breakfast. I fixed us all a bowl of cereal.

After breakfast, I went to take a shower. Then the girls were to follow. I didn't finish getting ready which was a mistake! While they were taking there showers, I feel asleep!!! They didn't bother to wake me up. They kept watching you tube videos on my computer. The phone rang and woke me up and I finished getting ready. Then the girls still had some stuff to do to get ready. I will sometimes have them take showers the night before to help with this but we were party girls and didn't get home till 2300! I wasn't going to make them take showers that late. I have got to not take naps so I can keep them on track! Three girls and one bathroom doesn't work very well.

After we finally got dressed and primped, we went to the coffee ethic. I was disappointed that they didn't have any frozen coffee drinks. I was told they are planning to add that to the menu in the future. We all had a smoothie and they were yummy!!! I have some pictures that I will have to post after I can get them loaded and edited. I keep having technical difficulties getting pics to load. It is driving me mad!!!

Ohhh, check out the shirt in the pic!!! It is a homemade shirt that Shilo designed! I thought it was cool!

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