Thursday, March 13, 2008

Absent Minded Professor

I am not very happy with my New Testament instructor. To start out, when he gives us quizzes, they are matching. He always gives us one sheet with the questions and one sheet with the answers. He somehow didn't make it to class with the answer sheet. We had to write the answers in. I rely on that sheet as I am not very good with spelling all the Biblical terms and names. I felt pretty good about the quiz but today I missed 5!! I normally get 100%! It appears that he counted wrong some right answers. We aren't going over the quiz till we return from Spring Break. Then after class he happened to find the answer sheet. ARGH!!!

So today, we have a mid-term exam. He told us 30 subjects that was going to be on the test and that it was going to be 30 questions all multiple choice. I highlighted all these subjects in my notes and on the quizzes. I looked things up in the book and read about them. I thought I would do pretty good. We start class and he is writing a bunch of words on the board and then he announces that he somehow didn't make it with mid-term!! What?? That is all we are doing in class today and he doesn't have it with him? So, he had us take a pencil and paper out and number to 30. He just reads of the multiple choice questions. He did add 8 matching. I was ticked as was my classmates. I read, re-read and re-read the questions over before making my choice. That wasn't possible. He did repeat questions but I do so much better when I can read it myself and see the spelling of these words!!! The majority of the subjects he gave us wasn't even on the test. I totally flunked it. I am glad that I had done fairly well on the quizzes to this point as I will need all those points!!!

I have been a little stressed this afternoon thinking of what I got on the mid-term. I am on spring break from school and so glad!!! I start my vacation from work on Monday morning. My plans is to actually write a few research papers. I have to many near the end of the semester and trying to spread them out!!

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My mom and dad call me a Absent Minded Professor