Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beautiful Day!!

The weather is much better today!! It was a little windy but in the 60's with the sun shining! I didn't get to enjoy the outdoors as I had hoped but I think tomorrow is going to be just as pretty!

I normally can get myself flipped to a normal schedule after working nights fairly easy. For some reason, I just haven't done that very well this vacation. I did do better today and hope to go to bed very soon! I will have this normal schedule thing down by the time I have to go back to work!!

I finally got out of bed today at 11am so I could watch Ellen DeGeneres. I just love her show!!! After her show was over, I got ready for my day but my allergies were bothering me. Yuck! It wasn't to bad, just a stuffy nose and some sneezing. It could have been worse! I had an appointment this afternoon and then a few errands I wanted to run.

One of my errands was to get new shoes! I need new everyday shoes and work shoes. I love these one pair of Ked's shoes for everyday and normally get them at Macy's. They aren't carrying that style anymore. I decided to go to Shoe carnival and they had the style I wanted! Yay!!! They have buy one pair, get the second pair 1/2 off. I went looking for tennis shoes for work and found a pair! I was so happy that I was able to find everything in one place! I am looking forward to wearing new shoes tomorrow! :-)

While I was driving around, I all of a sudden heard my antenna starts to work!!! My power antenna that hasn't worked for months has all of a sudden started working again! I have this internal antenna on layaway and not sure if I really need it. The catch is that I am unable to get a refund on what I put on layaway, only store credit. It might go out again before I get my stereo out of layaway. I am not sure I like power antenna's after the experience I have had with this one.

I had some reward bucks to use at Border's. I sat and looked at books for a while and decided that I had to get Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook! It has easy to follow instructions for quite a few effects that I want to learn. SCORE!!! :-) I have been playing with some effects a little tonight. In the previous post, I desaturated the pic and then did selective coloring. Her shirt was black to begin with but she was wearing shorts that didn't match. I brought the color back out of the heart and stripe on her shirt.
I am hoping tomorrow that I don't really have to many errands to run. I really need to work on some homework!! I am hoping to hang out at the Mudhouse tomorrow! I must get to bed!!

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