Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break so far . . .

I only have two days left of my vacation from work and five days till I have class again. I can't believe how fast the time has went!!! I have so much I wanted to accomplish and I haven't. The most important thing was to spend time with my nieces and I did do that. Even though I haven't gotten to accomplish some of my goals, I still have had a good spring break/vacation.

My major goals was to get a couple of these research papers written. The first one was my New Testament research paper. I really want to do good on that paper since the mid-term was insane!! I was hoping to make it to the Seminary tonight but they close early because of Good Friday. They are open tomorrow so I have got to get myself up at a decent hour and get my research finished! Then I can start on my paper this weekend. I will feel better if I can get that done.

The second paper I wanted to get started on is for my capstone class. I have to read a chapter in our text and write about what kind of leader I am. Then I also have to write my goals and include my resume and cover letter. I don't think this paper will be too hard. It just seems like a bunch of busy work!

I also need to work on my history correspondence. He includes so much out of these first 6 chapters for a 50 point test. Phew!!! I am not excited about that. I wish I had taken history in my early college years. I wonder how I have gotten this far without it. Hmmmm.

Things I have to get done is to study for a test in American Government and get a small paper done. I also have some questions to answer for my quiz in New Testament next week. I am planning to get started on these tonight. I just can't wait till May!!! All these papers and constant homework is wearing me out!!!


April Driggers said...

where do you find all these adorable pictures! too cute!

Jana said...

These cute pics are coming from! They have the cutest and funniest pics!