Monday, December 31, 2007

Fun weekend

My nieces spent the night last night. We have been having fun times together! I took them last night to play with a pug puppy so they can see the type of dog I want to have! We also went out to dinner. I had gotten up to early and was sleepy! After we got home, we watched a little TV and I had to go to bed! I feel like that tonight too! I know it is my night shift schedule that makes me tired after getting up early.

Then also on Sunday, my Dad installed my new faucet in my bathroom! I guess this was the orginal faucet from when my house was built in the '50's. The nuts and bolts and whatever other pieces goes with a faucet was all rusted together. He ended up taking my sink out of the cabinet to finish it. I am loving having a faucet that actually works! :-) But then later in the evening after my nieces and I had been in the bathroom using the faucet, I decided to but everything back underneath the sink. There was a puddle of water and I could see water just slowly leaking. I but a plastic bowl underneath to catch the water.

On Monday, he came back over to finish up some things he was going to do to the sink and then also was planning to fix the leak. So far, so good with the leak. I have kept the bowl underneath the sink and it has been dry. I had some build around the faucet that my Dad told me was lime build up. I got my lime away out and let it soak and was able to scrub it off! My sink looks so much better around the faucet too. I would have done that a long time away if that is what I knew that was!

Then my nieces and I left to go play card games at the Mudhouse and we also played the new electronic monopoly. I was about to fall asleep! So we left about 5pm and went back to my house. I needed a nap before staying up till midnight! I had woke up at 6am and but lunch in the crockpot and then made crepes for the girls for breakfast. I am looking forward to the rest of the fun tonight!!!

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