Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

After I had a little nap, my sister called me and asked if the girls and I had dinner yet. We hadn't so she said she was going to get pizza and bring it over to my house. Yesterday, she came over when lunch was ready so she got to have slow cooker pizza which is a pasta dish. It is so yummy and everyone liked it. I was excited about her bringing pizza and the girls were too!

We enjoyed eating pizza and watching a little TV before out adventure to the ice skating rink. I have never been ice skating before and was unsure about it but I love to roller skate/rollerblade. I got on the ice and was scared!! I was skating next to the fence like thing so I had something to hold onto! It felt like it took forever to get around that rink and my feet were killing me by the time I did get all the way around. I had to rest for a bit. This place has two skating rinks and my sister decided to go to the other one for a bit. I went another lap around it and was doing a little better but made sure I was able to grab ahold of something! I was going faster this time and my feet didn't hurt as bad when I did go faster. The other rink they had closed down for a short while to re-ice it. It was super slick after that! I waited awhile till it got roughed up a bit again! I went around again but then to many people were on it and I wasn't able to go that fast and my feet were killing me again from going slower. I wasn't brave enough to go around people that felt like they needed the ledge like I did! By this time it was almost time for the skating to be over.

Then we went to go wait for midnight to see the fireworks. It was way too cold outside so we waited inside the building. When it got closer to midnight, the girls and I went outside to see the fireworks. As soon as we opened the door, everyone that was outside was counting down and the fireworks sounded like gunshots!!! It scared us at first but then we stood outside for a bit and watched the fireworks then went back inside where it was warm to watch them but then after a few minutes left. It was way to cold to be standing outside! A lot of people were leaving and the fireworks were still going off and it sounded like a battle ground! It was a fun evening!!

I got back home and had bought wine to have for New Years Eve. I had a couple of glasses and then went to bed. I was planning to watch another Will & Grace episode and while it was loading, I feel asleep! I woke up this morning with my lights still on and my laptop on my bed waiting for me to select an episode. I was tired!

Today I have been napping so I can work all night. I am looking forward to my days off to do something fun! The artwalk is Friday but I am not sure how warm it will be!


Christie said...

Sounds like you had a really good time!

~Ane~ said...

Happy New year!