Sunday, January 27, 2008

ipod touch fun!

The other night I was taking care of a patient that had an iphone. He kept playing with it and I had asked him about the iphone and what he thought of it. He started showing me some of the features that it had. He was telling me how the ipod touch has the same features. I was intrigued! Since I had already upgraded my phone and it was past my 30 days, I was unable to upgrade to the iphone. I thought I needed to make a trip to Best Buy after getting some sleep on Saturday!!

I make it to Best Buy and was looking at the ipod touch. I see that it has the internet on it and has most of the features of the iphone. The one in the store wouldn't hook up to the internet but one of the employees had one. He hooked his up to one of the speaker systems so I could hear music and also showed me the internet and the itunes store. After playing around with it and I had to get one! I am now an owner of an ipod touch and I love it!!!

I have always been against itunes because of an incident a few years ago. I had about 40 songs downloaded onto my computer and also had some songs downloaded from Napster too. My computer crashed from excessive spyware and I lost all my songs. I didn't even know spyware existed until my computer was being taken over by them! Napster would reinstate all my songs for me without paying for them again but itunes wouldn't. I have had some bad computer things happen to me in the past but hopefully I have grown wiser from this! I am really liking itunes after since the last time I used it. You can download movies, TV shows, music, videos, and podcast. It is so much fun!!

While I was at the Mudhouse today, I had my ipod touch out getting on the internet and a guy came up to me and asked me how I liked my ipod touch. It even attracts the men! :-) He showed me his ipod touch and I noticed he had more applications than I did. He was sharing with me how he got them. To cool!

This has caused me not to get my homework done sooner! I finally completed my study guide for my American Government class this morning - with short breaks playing with itunes! I can spend the next two days reading my notes so I can be ready for class. All this government mumbo gumbo is confusing!!

One thing I did learn today was about the Boston Tea Party. I decided to google that to get more info and got to wikipedia. In the explanation it discussed how they destroyed many crates of tea bricks. I was curious what tea bricks were and looked that up. Tea bricks were also mixed with binding agents such as flour, blood, or manure in order to even better preserve their form. Hmmm . . . . . interesting. As I sit here drinking some ice tea, I wonder if it was from a tea brick and if they even do that anymore!

I really need to get to bed as I have to wake up early to go to class this afternoon and then go to work afterwards. I am sure by Tuesday morning, I will be wanting some sleep!!


~Ane~ said...

have fun with your new toy!!;)

Jay said...

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Christie said...

I was going to look at the ipod touch also. You've been tagged. Go check out my blog!

wendy said...

I've been thinking about the iphone and glad to hear that it's a good deal. Oh...and what a perk about being a man magnet!! Wahoo there! :-)(sshh..don't tell my husband)