Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Government

My first day of class wasn't too bad. I walked into class right at 4pm and the teacher had moved all the desk into a circle. There were only 12 of us. It is a small class which I like. I don't have a research paper to write BUT I have a bunch of small papers to write. I say yuck! I hate papers!! These papers only have to be 1-2 pages long answering and summarizing certain pages in the book. It doesn't sound very hard so I hope it won't be too bad. I really think I am going to like this teacher.

I was hoping to wake up somewhat early today and get some errands run before class and get my books. I ended up sleeping until 1pm!!! I couldn't believe it. I was sooo tired too and didn't feel like getting ready to go to class tonight. I finally got up the energy and got it done! I ended up walking into school just barely in time to buy my books and get to class. I was quite excited as I only need 3 books this semester and they are small books!!! I am excited that I can carry all my books with me and it won't break my back! :-)

After I got out of class today, I went to get me a sub sandwich. I got to the sub shop, ordered my sandwich and then realized I left my debit card at home. I also was out of checks and no cash. I had to pay for my sandwich with my credit card which I hate using. I was planning to have a sandwich and then run to Sam's to get much need items. Sooo, I had to go back home to get my debit card and got me a new book of checks then off to Sam's I was. I was glad to finally get this task done!

Tomorrow I have New Testament and I have the same teacher so I hope he hasn't changed much of the way he teaches. I am going to have a lot of studying to do in American Government to keep up with the class, quizzes and exams we are going to have. I have a more peaceful outlook on this semester since it is my last semester. I just know that this is going to be the last time I have to worry about school schedules and then the rest of the year I am planning to enjoy myself and rediscover some of my hobbies!

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