Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another lazy day, maybe lazier!!!

I am enjoying being lazy and not really having anything to do on my days off!!! I finally got in the shower around 3pm today! I got up and had a little breakfast and listened to resurrection Sunday on my fave radio station. On Sunday mornings they always play the older alternative songs that I love soo!!! I found me another song this morning that I haven't heard in a long, long time! It is by the Eels - Novocaine for the soul.

I got started with listening to alternative music when a cousin of mine told me of this radio station that played off the wall music. I had to check it out! That became my fave radio station! The name of it was "The Planet". When I first started listening to The Planet, they were out of some guys garage and they would even go off the air at night from 10:30 pm to 6:00 am. They were going off the air all the time as they didn't have a strong signal. In the local newspaper they would say that the planet is out of orbit when they were off the air for longer than a day. Then the station got bought by a company so they were able to stay in orbit and for 24 hours a day! Actually that station changed it format and no longer plays the music I love. I am so happy that my current radio station has the radio program on Sunday that plays them!

Anyway, last night I got my tree down and everything put in the attic. I am glad that I got the energy to get that done! I am glad to have my fatboy bean bag out of the hallway back in its spot in the living room. I thought last night that I need to get a lamp so I can sit in my fatboy and read. I also worked on getting more magazines recycled too. I hope to work on my living room some more tonight and hopefully have it looking all neat and organized! Slowly I am getting this goal accomplished.

I am currently being lazy at the Mudhouse! When I arrived at the Mudhouse a guy was hanging outside asking for money. I have meet this guy before but it had been a long time. When he asked me for some change he stopped and said, "I remember you!!!" and then he gives me an update of how he is doing. He was homeless but he is working on trying to make it in this world. I remember when I took community health nursing last semester I even referenced him in my journal. There was something in the reading that triggered me meeting him before that related to what I was reading. I had not seen him in a long time and began wondering what happened to him. I was glad to hear that he is doing alright.

I got my desk cleared off today. I have a list of financial type stuff that I need to get done. I need to finish cleaning my bonus room so I can scrapbook! I might clear out a spot and get done. I was a member of an awesome kit club a long time ago that had lots of coordinating paper and embellishments that all went together. I still have most of those kits untouched!!! I would love to get one out and then use my scrap maps from the LSS.

I need to go over my to do list and figure out what I need to do first tonight!

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