Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday, Friday . . .

I have been going to bed about 2am and waking up around 10am the last couple of days and I have been able to get more done in the evening. :-)

Today I thought that I would get a head start on getting my books for school. I almost called the school to find out the hours of the bookstore but didn't. I get to school and the bookstore is closed on Fridays! *sigh* I have one class that says there are a list of needed books but the other two I have no idea. I guess I will be getting books on the first day of my classes.

I also wanted to get my eyebrows done. I just started getting my eyebrows done a couple of months ago. I felt like it was time to have it done again. I had planned to go to the place I went the first time. Yesterday they told me it would be an hour wait so I opted to come back today. She told me to call ahead of time and gave me the number. I call and they told me they could see me in 4 hours! I had planned to be home in 4 hours so I decided to head to the mall and went to a salon that takes walk-ins and got in right away! I might be going to the place in the mall since they told me they prefer walk-ins. My eyebrows always sting and itch the first few days. I like the way it looks with them done now. I got something started!!!

I ran a few more errands and went back home to get ready to hang out at the Mudhouse. I spent this tranquil time returning emails. I had a hard time finding a parking spot today since it is Friday night and wondered if I was going to be stopped. They started this no cruising downtown but you have to cruise around sometimes just to find a parking spot! Nuts. I never thought cruising was a problem downtown. I enjoyed my time at the Mudhouse tonight. Next week, I will have sort of assignment or reading to do! I just have to keep in mind that this is my last semester!!! That will get me through.

I am going to work on creating a binder for my acrylic stamps and maybe creating something else! :-)

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