Thursday, January 17, 2008

Organization . . . .

I am slowly working on getting things organized. I have gotten me a couple of files. One is for just 2008 stuff and the other file is categorized by certain things you should file. I am looking forward to getting back on track with balancing my checkbook and making this a daily task. I spent the morning going through bills, setting up my bill pay and then filing them. :-) It may be odd but it felt good to get started with getting more organized.

I have also been working on getting my house more organized too. I was proud that I finally cleaned out a corner in my living room that I seem pile mail, magazines, etc. in. You can actually see the floor now and I love it!! I really wish I had this weekend off so I could accomplish more organization. I have lots of shredding to do!

I spent some time this evening making a binder that I got the instructions off of Donna Downey's blog early last year. I used to visit her blog every so often and in the last few months, I have to check it often! She is so creative and just love the videos she makes! Todays post is ultra cool with all the digi brushes! I am feeling the need to download some brushes! I also need to figure out how to load them and use them though! Here is a project I just found on her blog that she has been using the brushes on. I would love to meet her someday! :-)

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Christie said...

Bill pay is so nice and easy. That will help you a lot. I work at a bank and I want to say if you keep up with balancing your check book it will help you so much. You are on a roll. Keep it up!