Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wild night!

Last night when I thought it was safe to go do some of my errands, another tornado hit not too far from my house!! So, I never did leave and do the things I was going to get done last night. I didn't want to get blown away! The sirens were going on and off in the city till 0330 in the morning! I woke up at 3am with sirens going off again. I got up to watch the weather reports to find out where this tornado was. By 0330, the weather had calmed down and I went back to bed. The winds were about 60 mph according to the weather report. I hope to not have a repeat of this weather!!

I have been having a relaxing day. I actually was up and dressed by 10 am today which is unusual! I went outside and moved some limbs that fell during the storm. The ground was like mud it was so wet! I had a couple of appointments today which one was taking Chloe to get a booster shot for a new vaccine she got 3 weeks ago. Then I had a hair appointment later in the afternoon.

I went today and picked up my new kit from a LSS. Last year I was a member of the Remember me club so this year I am doing the Remember them club. I still need to sit down and do the first kit club I was in. I am looking forward to completing these kits! My LSS put together a book of sketches and I am also looking forward to scrapping from it! I have been working tonight on getting my bonus room clean so I can find my scrapbooking supplies. Hopefully by this weekend I can get some scrapping done!!

I also went to staples tonight to get my files for 2008. I haven't really kept very good track of my files for the last few years and hope to change that. I got a file for stuff that I can file by category and then a file for the month. I hope this helps me in keeping things all together!

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~Ane~ said...

hope the weather gets better! I can't image how it muct feel to hear the sirenes and all(we don't have that here).

Hope you get to scrap soon!!