Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lazy day . . . .

I have been lounging today. I had orginally woke up around 7am and feed the cats. I went back to bed and decided I would sleep till 9am when my alarm was set. I ended up sleeping through my alarm for one hour and woke up at 10am. Not bad. I might be able to stay up later tonight but not sure. I have a hard time staying awake in the evening if I get up too early!

After I did get up the second time, I have been watching the last 3 weeks of Amazing Race. While I was watching that, I went through some magazines and recycled quite a few. I had made two different piles of magazines in my living room to sort through and was getting tired of stepping over them! I am glad that have that accomplished.

I finally got in the shower and slowly got ready to hang out at the Mudhouse. I was looking forward to Mushroom Bisque soup only to find that the website wasn't updated for today. I settled for a salad and 1/2 sandwich which was very good! It seems like the Mushroom Bisque soup runs out fast and I miss out on it. I hope to someday have it again! Yum!

I actually came to the Mudhouse to work on my history correspondence course but haven't gotten much accomplished. The table space was limited when I first came in and I needed a plug in for my laptop. I am now sitting somewhat in the dark till the battery power gets recharged. I am tired today and just don't feel like studying!!! Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Work was hectic the other day. I seemed to have a few to many confused patients and one detox patient keeping me hopping! I couldn't keep one of my confused patients in bed! I hate nights like that because I don't get anything done and charting is only an option. I finally got to leave 1 1/2 hours after my shift was over. I soo need a vacation but I won't get that till March. I will have to hang in there till then!!!!

It is getting close for my LAST semester to start!!! I can't wait for it to be over! :-) I am looking forward to seeing what the agenda is for my classes. I have a feeling my hardest class is going to be capstone. I have 3 big papers due in a 4 week class! I have heard that we actually get the assignments at the beginning of the semester and they aren't due till the end of the semester when the class actually starts. After figuring out how heavy my class load may be is when I will make a decision on taking a continuing ed class on photography! It fits in perfectly with my class and work schedule. I hope that it works out!!

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