Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Silly, silly day!

I tried and tried to sleep last night without any luck. My nap that I took yesterday was just enough that I couldn't fall asleep. It being cold in my house doesn't help the situation!!! It always gets worse at night even though the heat is on. I am soo ready for spring!! Actually, winter doesn't even start till next week!

I had two doctor appointments today. One of them was my hand specialist which he told me that my finger was healing okay. He feels like this bump is scar tissue but if it is to grow any, I am to see him again. I have the movement back in my finger so he was happy. I don't have to go to therapy. He gave me some tips on how to lessen the scar tissue and to also help with the swelling. I can go see him again in 6 weeks if things haven't improved.

My second appointment went good. I found out the results of the lab test I had done yesterday for the wellness program at work. I am glad that my total cholesterol is 116!! The last time I had it checked it was 109. My only problem with my cholesterol is my HDL's which are always low. I worked so hard with eating right and working out and they went from 24 to 31!!! My dad has the same problem. My fasting glucose was 91. Phew! I was happy to hear the results. I kept having dreams about getting crazy lab results because I hadn't had it checked in 3-4 years.

I decided after all these appointments and before I started studying, I would go to Barnes & Noble. Oh my! I think everyone took off from work today to go to Barnes & Noble! It was crazy! I just wanted a particular magazine, I found it and then left. It is just crazy every where with the holiday coming up. I am ready for traffic to return back to normal!

I am back at the Mudhouse getting ready to study. I am tired! I tried to take a nap in between my appointments today but I kept waking up! I was afraid that I was going to sleep through my alarm. I hope to at least get the rest of my studying done and hopefully sleep tonight and be fresh for my final! I am not sure what I will do after I get done with school tomorrow. I will have to think of something fun to do!

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