Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wellness Program

I signed up for the wellness program at work. I wanted to last year but they were only taking a certain amount of participants and they had gotten the maximum amount last year when I made it to the benefits fair. This year they were taking anybody that wanted to be involved. Yay!!

This morning was my fasting labs for my cholesterol and fasting glucose. I haven't had these done in a few years so I am curious what they are! The last time I did get these done, I was working out with a personal trainer and watching my diet. I was told that I can look them up at work. I don't work again till Friday. I have only had a bowl of soup for the last 48 hours that I was able to keep down. I had quite the headache this morning!!! I still have a slight headache but it is feeling better. They took my measurements, height, weight, B/P, body composition and lab work. I am supposed to make another appointment to discuss what is available in the program. I think this will be a motivator for me to get myself back into shape! I need to get over this stomach flu thing and finals before starting to get back into the gym!

I was sooo hungry after not eating for so long. I am not feeling so good after eating . . . yuck!!! I have lost 8 pounds since Sunday with this stomach virus that I have had. I have got to snap out of this as I have to study for my final that is Thursday! I have gotten sick at the worst possible time!

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