Sunday, December 02, 2007


I almost missed taking my cats to see Santa today. I wasn't able to sleep last night and finally fell asleep around 6 am. I had my alarm set for 9:30 am and thought that would be enough sleep. I guess it wasn't as I slept through my alarm and happened to wake up at 2:45 pm!!!! Santa leaves Petsmart at 4 pm so I jumped out of bed and got in the shower! I was ready to leave with all three cats by 3:30 pm!

When I arrived at Petsmart, Santa wasn't sitting in his chair. It was 3:45 pm so I asked it the pictures with Santa was until 4 pm and they told me yes. One guy told me he would have to get changed into the Santa suit as Santa had to leave early. Phew!!! I was beginning to wonder if I dragged my cats across town for nothing! It all worked out good. They have changed to digital and then had a portable printer that they printed the best print with. I hadn't paid attention that Santa's eyes were closed or that the background wasn't centered! This was the only picture that all my cats was actually looking at the camera, so I went with it!

Then we did a little shopping! I ended up finding a cat bed that was normally $24.99 for only $6.25!!! So awesome! I have had Chloe and Felix taking turns tonight sleeping in the new bed! I also got some Christmas cat toys and other new cat toys for them to enjoy. When we arrived back home, they got some Kitty Kavier! They are such good kitties! :-)

I decided to go to the Mudhouse tonight which was like a Madhouse!!! He He!!! There was only one table open and it was the table that sits six people. I sat at the very end and still was able plug in my laptop. All was good. I shared my table with other people that couldn't find a table either. I was hoping to get some of these subjects looked up that my Old Testament instructor gave us for the final. I had typed up all these subjects and then my jump drive went crazy and wouldn't save and then my computer wasn't recognizing it! I restarted my computer and it was being recognized again but everything I had typed was gone!!! I was glad that I hadn't gotten that much done. I started saving on my hard drive plus my jump drive just in case. I finally left as I was sitting at a table without light. It seems to get busier near the end of the semester at the Mudhouse as everyone is starting to study for finals!

I came home and finished decorating my tree, and fixed some dinner for the week in my crock pot. I just can't wait to have three days off in a row later in the week! I get the rest of the subjects that will be on the final this Thursday so it would be nice to get the first half done and only have to worry about the second half next week!

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The Transparent Hypnotist said...

That is so cute! Just getting my beast in the car would be an ordeal!