Sunday, November 04, 2007

"Girls Rock Your Boyz"

I walked into the Mudhouse today and Quiet Riot was playing! I was getting into it as I love Rock-n-Roll!!!!! But it was funny as I was standing in line the music changed to some slow coffee house music. Everyone in line was saying how it was a drastic change! I spent the first little part of my time here hunting for that song on Napster and finally found it!

Yesterday the day got away from me before I knew it! I didn't get any of my homework accomplished. So I am trying again today. I have to get this online exam done as it is due tomorrow at noon. That is what I have been working on since arriving at the Mudhouse but I have been having problems with finding some of the answers so I get distracted . . . I hope the other chapters aren't as hard.

Maybe more later but I have to get BUSY!!!! I am going to pick my nieces up from school Tuesday and keep them all evening. I am motivated to get the majority of my work done before then so we can do fun things together!

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