Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Good news!!

I went for my follow up appointment this morning and got my sutures removed! Yay! It was a little tender but felt good to get them out! Then he applied steri strips to keep my incision together. I am a free women! No dressing and I can get it wet! I am actually typing with both hands today! It feels good! My finger is still swollen and I can't move it fully yet. It is really sore still and I have really noticed that today with it not having a dressing. I do have to go back in about 3 weeks to make sure my finger is healing the way it should and that I get full movement back.

The pathology report was good! This growth was nodular fasciitis. It was benign! Yippee! They rarely grow back which I was glad to hear! He released me to go back to work so I do have to go back on Thanksgiving. I will get 5 hours of overtime! I am just trying to enjoy my last day off from work.

I was planning to go see The Mist by Stephen King today but time has gotten away from me. I might go see it this weekend. I just wanted to sit and relax at the Mudhouse this afternoon. I might go to a bookstore later to look around. I wouldn't mind checking out some books at the library about dog care to see what I might get into if I decided to adopt a pug. I have pug fever!

I finally got all my books for my history class which I am taking by correspondence. I printed out the outline and the key study points today so I can get started! I have until May 13, 2008 to get this done but I am also supposed to graduate around that time and hope to be able to get it done before then. I still don't have my final grade for my Community Health class. She stopped grading things the end of September. One assignment I turned in near the beginning of class that she still hasn't graded. I really wish I could have done the survey for this class. It was posted the day I had my hand surgery and by the time I got back to the computer, it was done with. Whatever! I was only three days! I keep checking blackboard to see if she has posted any grades but nothing. This class has been over for two weeks tomorrow and I have never had to wait this long for grades before! Crazy! Just a little upset about this but what can I do? I am trying to be patient!

I am off to search the library database about pugs! :-)

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Christie said...

I can't wait to see The Mist. It is such a good story. I read it a few years ago. But I love Stephen King!