Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ready for tomorrow . . .

This time tomorrow I should have my sutures out of my finger! I hope he tells me that I can get my incision wet and no more showers with a plastic bag tied around my hand. It is still pretty sore and I can't bend my finger very well. I feel like the sutures are poking me when I do try. It looks like it is still swollen a bit too. I am looking forward to seeing what he has to say. I just hope it is all good stuff!

Last night after I posted about that adorable puppy I did some research. I googled the company that I was told supplied Petland with their dogs. I was told by the employee that they don't use puppy mills and use from a honorable breeder. What I found out was the opposite. The company that they get all their dogs from is a puppy mill!!! They also have several citations against them for being unsafe. :-( So sad that they support this. I am not sure I will support Petland. I also found lots of complaints for people that have bought dogs from Petland that were very ill. If they don't have proper living quarters, they will get ill!! That just shows that the breeders are only out for making money and not looking out for the welfare of the animals. Sad. Petland employees make it sound all good but I am not sure that they have looked further into what they are really supporting.

I am getting to pick my nieces up from school today and not really sure what we will do. I hope that they don't have any big projects that are due at school tomorrow so we can have some fun!


Christie said...

It's so sad that they do that. I had a great experience buying from a private breeder. It's nice to see what kind of life they lived until they went home with you.

hoosier student nurse said...

After writing a comment about Petland, I read on and you've already done your homework! Good for you for being responsible! My background is cat rescue, but I've gotten all of my dogs through breed rescue because I like a certain breeds of dogs. They've all been GREAT!!