Friday, November 16, 2007

Odd day . . .

My Mom was planning to come over to my house this morning to help me clean since I not supposed to use my left hand. As soon as I got up, I headed for the shower to get ready. She called me around 11am to tell me that she had forgotten about an appointment and it would be after lunch. I told her that would be fine as after getting out of the shower one of my cats, Chloe, was wanting my attention and I noticed fleas! Yuck! So I had talked to the vet and decided that I would go ahead and pick up the meds I needed for my 3 cats. I called her when I got home and then she was telling me that I need to get laundry done to prevent any flea eggs hatching - which I had already started but she said she couldn't help with that and decided to wait. I didn't quite get that but okay. She called me later to ask me if I wanted her to come over later tonight or in the morning. So again, in the morning I have to get up early . . .

I have gotten all my linens washed and given the flea meds to all the cats. When I adopted Chloe 4 years ago, she had fleas bad. I was glad to be able to catch this before it got to bad and hopefully prevent it from getting worse. My cats are all indoor so somehow, a flea decided to come in the house. I have worked most of the day getting things all clean.

On another note, my wireless mouse that I bought a couple of months ago isn't working. I have to hold the battery just right to get it to work but can't let go or I lose my signal. It was past the time that I was able to return it so I called the company. They said it would still be under warranty with them and they will replace it. So in a couple of weeks, I should receive me a new wireless mouse. I just hope it works better! I don't like using the touch mouse thing on my laptop.

My hand is feeling so much better! It still is sore but mainly around the incision. It has been a week since I had my surgery and have my follow up appointment next week. If should go back to work on Thanksgiving. I really haven't gotten that much done! I keep running errands and then wanting to relax in the evening that I haven't really gotten stuff done around the house. I was also planning to get my Christmas cards done and to also learn more about photoshop CS3 and digital scrapbooking with photoshop elements. Maybe I can work on that this weekend. But tomorrow I have family driving down and might get occupied. Esp. with my mom coming tomorrow to help me clean. It will all get worked out.

I am excited about my family that is coming as it a cousin and my aunt (her mom) driving to visit. My cousin has been living in Japan since end of July and instead of moving back to Seattle where she lived before she moved to Japan, she is moving about 3 hours away! I am excited about that!

My history correspondence class started this week and I don't have my book yet! I ordered it from ebay on Nov. 8th. I keep stalking the mailman so I can get started but it didn't come today either. Maybe tomorrow. She has a 99.8% rating and some of the most recent ones that she has received from other buyers was shipping was little slow but product was as listed. Great! I don't need slow! These hadn't been posted till after I had ordered. If I don't receive it next week, I will send her an email asking when she mailed it as she should have at this point. I will be patient first as I am not sure what she has going on.

I am chilling at the Mudhouse, I had to take a break from the house. I hope to be able to watch a movie tonight. I have had 3 movies from Netflix since sometime in October and need to watch them! I have been sleepy today to since I went to bed later than I had been and woke up early. I am looking forward to sleeping in my freshly made bed!

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