Sunday, November 11, 2007

A little bored . . .

but it actually feels good! I am starting to get the one hand typing thing down, I thought I would blog a little.

My surgery went good. It turned out not to be a ganglion cyst but some kind of growth from my tendon in my finger. I am now waiting for pathology reports. I hope this thing doesn't grow back! I stayed at my parents house the first night. I just took it easy. I had brought my laptop so I can learn photoshop CS3 and/or photoshop elements 5.0 but I was quite sleepy. I haven't really gotten to much done since coming back to my house.

Today I did get on to the site and took a class on digital scrapbooking. I made 2 12x12 digital LO today. I think I understand the basics of digital scrapbooking. I am hoping to also go through my digital scrapbook magazines and the computer tricks book to learn even more. By the time I get fully recovered, I might be fairly good at some basic tools.
I took my first adventure out of my house since my surgery to the Mudhouse. I am also going to work tonight to visit with a co-worker. Driving is interesting since I drive with my left hand. I am so used to being on the go and having something to do so I have gotten a little bored. I might get used to this a little to much!

I am looking forward to taking my bandage off tomorrow. I had to leave the surgical dressing on for 3 days. I have no idea how my finger looks! I am also looking forward to cleaning my left hand better. I still have iodine stains that I can't seem to get off but I can't get the bandage wet.

I have posted my digi layouts that I made today. I hope to have more digi fun!


rmeyfe said...

What do you think of CS3, I haven't decided if I want to upgrade from CS2 or not?

Beautiful digital layouts!!!

Jana said...

I am overwhelmed by all the things that CS3 does! I have never used photoshop before to be able to compare them though.

Catherine said...

Hope your hand gets better quickly! It's hard not having the mobility you're used to.

Musicmom-Amy said...

Beautiful digi layout!