Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Surgical memories . . .

I just wanted to make some notes about what I remember of my surgery . . .

--My mom and I arrived at the hospital a little before 0530. There was already a line for surgical check-in. We got checked-in fairly quickly and was taken to my room.

--The volunteer made a comment about if he had taken me to L&D that I wouldn't know what to do. My mom says that I could propably help them if he had taken us to L&D! My mom is silly! I have only assisted in L&D in nursing school!

--The IV start was fast and I had too many people doing different things. The PCA taking my vitals, one nurse asking me questions and the other nurse was starting my IV.

--What I hated most was that I wasn't allowed to wear my glasses once they picked me up for surgery. :-( I can't see a thing without my contacts or glasses!

--I had to wear a surgical hat and had wished that I had worn my hair up. It all worked out.

--In surgical holding I was greeted by two nurses. I was the first pt but not for long! The nurses told me that the doctor would come talk to me and then was wanting to give me Versed. I have had Versed before but didn't remember anything so I wouldn't let the nurse give me the medicine until I saw the doctor just in case.

--The doctor came in and was explaining how he was going to make the incision while marking my finger. I couldn't see what he was doing and had to get up on my finger to see what he was talking about. Then he told me how he has LASIK surgery and has been pleased since he had. My doctor always says, "Paperwork, we always have paperwork" So true! He always makes that comment while I am in the office too.

--I allowed the nurses to give me the Versed and all it did was make me dizzy and I still remembered everything. They did tell me that it was a much smaller dose than what they give for the amnesia affect.

--Pretty soon, they came to take me to the OR room. I had taken time to tie my gown as to try not to moon everybody but as I was moving to the OR table, they untied my gown. They explained it was so I wasn't lying on a knot to protect my skin. Very good point but I didn't like showing all!

--They were getting everything all set up and since I didn't have my glasses on, I couldn't see if I recognized anyone since I was at the hospital I work at. That might be a good thing as I might have accidently mooned someone . . . .

--I must have gotten more medicine in my IV as the next thing I remember was waking up when they were done. I kept raising my hand bcause my fingers were sticking together. I did that a few times and someone came over to clean my hand.

--I remember being taken back to my room but somehow didn't remember why I had folded up blankets on my stomach. I later learned after getting scolded for taking my arm off of them that I was to keep my arm elevated.

--They let me have water! The nurse helped me take a sip and put it on the bedside table on my left side which I had surgery. I reached up with my somewhat numb hand and spilled my water.

--They moved my table and I got to drink tea!!! Yum!!

--All my vitals were good so my mom assisted me with getting dressed. I got scolded again for using my left hand to get up out of bed. Yikes!

--I was wheeled out and the transporter told me I had pretty hair. :-)

--This whole process took 3 hours and 15 minutes. The most of this time I was waiting in SDS, holding and then waiting to get cleared to go home. I am not really sure how long I was in the OR. My guess is 30 minutes.

--We had to stop at the pharmacy to get pain meds. My hand stayed numb all day. I ended up waking up at 0330 with my finger hurting and it felt like it was burning. I was able to fall back asleep without pain meds though.

--I kept having some hiccups during the day and later when I looked up Versed, that is a side effect.

--I stayed at my parents house that night and went back to my house the next day. My fur babies missed me, I am sure!

--The summary of this experience was that it wasn't bad. It is always weird being the patient since I am used to being a nurse and being on the other side. I am getting used to typing with one hand but can't wait till I heal and can go back to real typing!

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Christie said...

Isn't it wierd how you can remember going into the or then all of the sudden you are waking up thinking what happened? Glad it's done. What a relief for you.