Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Busy, Busy . . .

Last night we ran out of time before getting to make duct tape wallets. We enjoyed our time at Big Mama's and had yummy sandwiches! We also started to work on our homework but them Shilo needed her science project that she left at my parents house soo we left to go get it. We didn't get the homework done before my sister got off from work. She actually got off a little earlier than normal as the last patient cancelled. My sister wants to make a duct tape wallet with us! Maybe we can plan a day and go that. I have duct tape in 3 colors plus the traditional duct tape. :-)

I have my paper started and it was really easy to start. Then I have hit some harder areas which she said we would end having to make up since we aren't implementing our intervention. I find it hard to make stuff up! I already have 3 pages with what I have. She really didn't give us a page limit. Then I need to add highlights of my community assessment and intervention paper into a PowerPoint to do a presentation. I hate talking in front of the class and I about faint every time.

Today is my Dad's birthday! Tonight my sister, nieces and I are all going over to Mom's and Dad's house to celebrate. My goal is to have all my homework done by 5 pm! I want to be able to relax and not worry about getting all this stuff done.

I had better get busy!

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